04 February 2015

Book Review: Story of a Girl


Author: Sara Zarr
Genre: YA Fiction
Published: 2007

Themes: Statutory Rape, Reputation, Friendship, Family Relationships

Brief Overview: Deanna tries to overcome her past, but she has a bad reputation and her town, her high school and her family won't let her escape from it.

Main Character:  Story of a Girl is written in the first person from Deanna's perspective, but I thought she was a whiny unlikable protagonist.The entire book seems to consist of her feeling sorry for herself and making selfish choices. It seemed to me that the author wants us to root for Deanna, but instead I just found her annoying. In the end she does seem to learn some lessons about forgiveness and being a better friend.

Impressions: I found this book boring and nondescript. There was not much of a story line. It consists mostly of Deanna recounting the things she doesn't like about her life and past, and finally deciding to forgive the guy who took advantage of her when she was young. (To be exact she tells him she forgives him and its okay. Since he technically raped her,considering her age at the time, I'm not exactly sure how it is okay but I digress.) And ''okay'' is also how I would describe this book. Overall, it was just not one of my favorites by Sara Zarr.

What to Read Next: Just Listen (Sarah Dessen) or Sweethearts (Sara Zarr)

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