13 March 2015

Book Review: Since You've Been Gone

Title: Since You've Been Gone
Author: Morgan Matson
Published: 2014
Genre: YA Contemporary Fiction

Brief Overview: Emily's best friend Sloane and her family have mysteriously left town, leaving Emily with a list of tasks to complete. The book also flashes back to Emily's memories of their friendship. As Emily completes her tasks with the help of her new friend and running partner Frank, she hopes to find some sort of clue that will lead her to Sloane.

Impressions: OK, seriously guys what did I miss that made you think this book was awesome? I was B.O.R.E.D. This book would have been a DNF except that I had read so many great reviews of it. I enjoyed reading about Emily and Sloane's friendship. It was one of the few things I liked and it made me think of my own best friend. The concept of a list of tasks for Emily also seemed like such a fascinating idea but I didn't think it played out in an interesting way. I also found the plot to be slow moving. I was expecting more of mystery or plot twist surrounding Sloane's disappearance. The characters had potential - like Emily's eccentric playwright parents, but even they didn't impress me that much. Overall, I think this book was okay but didn't live up to the hype.

If you liked Since You've Been Gone, you should read: 
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Do you agree that it was boring? Or did you love it? Leave me a comment telling me why you agree or disagree.

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  1. Sorry you didn't enjoy it! I haven't read this one, but I'm reading Second Chance Summer right now and it's great (even though the beginning is pretty boring) :)

  2. I'm sorry the book didn't work for you. I really liked the friendship aspect of the book and seeing Emily step outside her comfort zone when Sloane is gone. I do think Sloane kind of disappears from the story only to show up in the end which was disappointing. I didn't like Sloane very much and her explanation for her behavior didn't work for me.



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