03 February 2015


Author: Rainbow Rowell
Genre:YA fiction
Published: 2013

Brief Overview: Fangirl is about twins Cath and Wren. They are both big fans of the Simon Snow books (think Harry Potter). The girls go off to college, leaving their somewhat inept at life father at home. Cath is the more nerdy, socially awkward of the twins and the book revolves mostly around her, but explores complex relationships with their parents and also each other. The book chronicles Cath's attempts to navigate through life in college. It proves difficult for her as she struggles with classes, family problems and boys when she would much rather be writing gay Simon Snow fan fiction (passages of which are included in the book).

Impressions: I admit I have a love/hate relationship with Rainbow Rowell. I continue to purchase and mostly enjoy her books, although at times I find them a tad too mundane and slow paced. I did however, love the way Fangirl delved into the complexities of Cath 's family issues ( including a family member with a mental illness). Cath was very much a character that I could relate to. She is going through a time in her life between being a kid and being an adult, and she clings to writing Simon fic for security and as an escape when things are difficult. The one thing I would have changed is that I could live with a few less Simon Snow passages throughout the novel. They serve a purpose and they do have a bit of a story in and of themselves, but as an admittedly non nerd, I found those parts a bit skippable.

What to read next: Eleanor and Park (Rainbow Rowell), Harry Potter and the Philosopher' s Stone (JK Rowling), Dash and Lily' s Book of Dares (Rachel Cohn)

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  1. I agree about the Simon Snow parts in the book. I read them in the beginning, but after that I just skipped over them because I was more interested in Cath's story.



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