09 March 2015

YouTuber Books: Zoella V.S. Elle and Blair

Girl Online

Beneath the Glitter

The title felt a little boring, but makes it clear what the book is about.
The title pulled me in. It sounds girly and fun and also a little mysterious. Bonus: The chapters also had cute punny titles.

Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) has a popular beauty channel on YouTube. There was some controversy over the fact that she had “help” writing this book. I have personally only seen a few of her videos.
Elle and Blair Fowler are also popular YouTube beauty gurus. I have been watching them since early in their careers and am a huge fan of their videos. 
I loved the cover of Girl Online. It looked very modern and cool with its bright colors and photos that looked like you’d find them on Instagram or Tumblr.
I wasn’t very impressed with the cover of Beneath the Glitter. The shoes and makeup and shopping bags made me think that this might not be a book I could relate to.
Main Character(s)
Penny is a great main character. She is the “everygirl”. She is clumsy and does embarrassing things. She has a blog to help her cope with her awkwardness. She has a sweet personality and like so many of us, she learns that she shouldn’t care so much what her "friends" think of her.
The main characters  are Ava and Sophia London. They are YouTube stars who go to Hollywood parties and hang out with celebrities. I couldn’t relate to them at all,but I did like the way the authors reflected their own personalities in the characters.
Penny has a particularly embarrassing moment at school, but feels that things are improving when she gets to accompany her family on her moms business trip to NYC. While she is there she meets a cute guitar playing guy who shows her the city. They become romantically involved, meanwhile Penny is blogging anonymously about the whole thing. This puts a strain on her relationship with her best friend. Later,it becomes clear that maybe there is more going on than Penny knows, and maybe she is not as anonymous as she thought.
Sophia goes on a "boytox" to get over a relationship, while Ava starts dating a celebrity. They are in the process of launching their makeup line and Ava starts volunteering at an animal shelter. Their relationship with each other starts to suffer and then out of nowhere, something big  happens . The end is a bit of a cliff hanger to set up for the sequel Where Beauty Lies.
I found some parts a bit awkwardly written and there is a bit of brand name dropping  (e.g. Cellairis) of companies that sponsor Elle and Blair.

The winner is Girl Online! 

Have you read either book? Do you agree with my choice? 

P.S. l`m working on another post about Girl Online. Make sure to Bee Reads Books so you don't miss it.


  1. I'm actually swearing off all books by famous people. I've read ones before and they never end well for me. I just end up getting annoyed and DNFing.

    For Girl Online, I heard from trusted reviewers that it was terrible and that personally, I wouldn't like it. So I'm going to not touch that one. The other one? I've never heard of Ella and Blair [probably because I don't watch beauty videos] so I have no idea if I even have an opinion on it XD

    1. To be honest with you I went into this with low expectations for both books. Im a huge fan of Elle and Blair Fowler, but I could tell right away that the book wasnt going to be quality literature. As for Girl Online, I expected to be unimpressed and was pleasantly surprised. I actually liked it a lot. If i had rated it, it would have been a 4/5. Out of the two, Id say it might be worth giving Girl Online a chance. Thanks for stopping by <3 Bee

  2. I watch Zoella's beauty videos regularly, so I was really excited to read her book. I didn't enjoy it as much as I though I would, but I have to agree with you, that cover was stunning. It's what drew me to get it.

  3. I've only read Girl Online. I thought it was okay. It was probably aimed for a younger reader. The story was definitely more original than the Elle and Blair book from what I can tell by the synopsis.

  4. I haven't read either, but I heard a lot about both of them. Honestly, I like the Fowler sisters, but I'm not entirely sold on a book by them. I like "beauty gurus", but none of them entice me enough to read a book by one of them, solely based on the fact that it's written by one.
    I really love to see the comparison, though. It's interesting to see the similarities and differences between the books, and I DO really love the cover of Girl Online. :)

  5. I havent read any of these books, but i definitely want to.
    Im going to look for them next time i go to a book store!



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