03 March 2015

Book Review: I Remember You

Title: I Remember You
Author: Cathleen Davitt Bell
Genre: YA fiction
Published: 2015

Brief overview: When Juliet gets involved with Lucas, she notices the strange things he says to her. Then he begins to have terrible headaches and dreams, and "remembers" things from the future as if they have already happened. Juliet loves Lucas, but she's not sure if she believes him.

Main Characters: 
Lucas: Lucas is such a great character. On one hand, he is young and immature like any high school guy (e.g. drinking Capri Sun with vodka shots in it with his hockey team). There is also another part of him that is wise beyond his years because of his "memories". This side of Lucas has seen bad things. He is anxious about the memories, but also brave about facing the future. The older and wiser self within him is trying to make his teenage self a better man.

Juliet: Like Skylar in I'll Meet You there, I found Juliet to be a bit of a secondary character to her love interest. Juliet is the smart and careful protaganist of many YA novels. In this case, some parts of her life unravel a little when she meets Lucas. I think it is very realistic that her grades start to slip when she becomes intensely involved in a relationship. She also finds herself lying to her best friend and her mom. Juliet's personal journey is as much about becoming her own person as an adult, as it is about her relationship with Lucas.

Impressions: Have you ever said a book ruined your life, but meant it in the most affectionate way possible? That is how I felt about I Remember You. It's probably best to go into this one like I did - having no idea what you are getting into. This book made me feel so many different emotions, and even gave me chills at certain points. I found it to be both a sweet story and also grippingly philosophical. I found myself asking whether the future is already laid out for us, or if we have the power to change it with each choice we make. (And if all that sounds too heavy, just read it because its a very cool story!)

If you liked I Remember You, you should read:
Everyday by David Levithan or I'll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios

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  1. Okay I've never heard of this book before, but I do love my books which are emotionally overwhelming and tend to stay on my mind for days afterwards, so I'm certainly going to keep my eye out on this one. Thanks for pitting it on my radar Bee!

  2. This sounds amazing - the synopsis got my attention and then when you said it made you think, I was sold. Great review, glad you enjoyed it so much!!

    1. It was great that it had some depth and a good story! Thanks for commenting!

  3. hmm, this looks interesting... haven't read I'll Meet You There or Every Day though, although it seems like EVERY ONE ELSE has lol. Don't you just love that feeling? haha Great review!!

  4. Oh, I hope this had a happy ending. I wonder especially if it "ruined your life", even if it was in a good way. Glad to hear it stirred up so many emotions. Great review, Bee! :)

  5. Oh, I saw this book before. I thought of buying it but end up not buying it. I kind of regret it now. xD This book sounds amazing! I have read other books that have quite similar story but I am curious as to how this will turn out. :)
    Btw, I tried to read Every Day before but didn't finish it. I'm not sure why though. I'll be looking forward to read your review if end up reading it!
    Azee @ UnderCover Critique

  6. I agree, this book is awesome! I HAD to know what was going on, and I just loved the ending. Such a cool and different book! :)

    Rachel @ Paper Cuts

  7. Read Every Day! I loved that book!

    Lots of love,



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