07 February 2015

Book Review: Firecracker

Title: Firecracker
Author: David Iserson
Published: 2013

Brief Overview: Astrid Krieger is expelled from her private boarding school after she is caught cheating.She is sent to public school and must do good deeds for others to get herself back into her old school. She also wants to get revenge on the person who sold her out for cheating. Along the way she makes a few new friends, including a boy named Noah, who might not be who he says he is. 

Main Character: Astrid Krieger is of course the firecracker of the book's title. She is a great main character, if perhaps a little unbelievable. She is spunky and funny and does whatever she wants with no regard for the repercussions. She comes from an affluent family and lives her life with a sense of entitlement that was expressly taught to her by her grandfather.

Impressions: I had high hopes for this book, after all, the cover tells us that author David Iserson is a writer for New Girl and SNL. It was pretty good, but didn't quite impress me as much as I thought it would. It was certainly entertaining in a sarcastic, goofy, absurd sort of way. The humor was there, but something about the plot failed to completely draw me in.

What to read next:

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  1. This book sounds like fun, though maybe not very memorable. Great review!

  2. Goofy and absurd? This sounds like a nice quick beach read. Can you tell I am wishing for warmer weather. Great review:)



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