26 February 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Emma at Emma Likes Books for the nomination!

The rules:
1. Nominate 15 other bloggers relatively new to blogging.
2. Let the bloggers know that you've nominated them.
3. Share 10 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

My nominations: 
I could not come up with 15. Nowhere close. But here are my nominations: 

My 10 facts: 
1. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician by day and a bookworm by night.
2. I live in Canada.
3. I am obsessed with my two dogs. You can stalk them on my Instagram.
4. I have only been book blogging about a month, but I have been hoarding books since I was old enough to know what they were.
5. Other obsessions include bears and Audrey Hepburn. You can stalk those on Pinterest.
6. I also have a university degree in Political Science.
7. I'm pretty sure my discovery of Starbuck's Oprah Chai Tea changed my life.
8. I love to watch YouTube beauty gurus. 
9. But I don't wear much makeup usually.
10. I have a paw print tattoo on my wrist.


  1. I'm the same way!! I don't really wear makeup, but i love watching the techniques on YouTube! Great answers!

  2. If you want a new chai tea to try out, you HAVE to try the Celestial Bengal Spice.... heavenly. We're in Canada too, hiya :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination! I hope you have enjoyed your first month of blogging!
    I'm the same with watching all the beauty gurus on youtube - I'm always watching videos on how to do nice make-up and hairstyles, but don't usually wear very much make-up and always do my hair the same way.
    And I have a wrist tattoo too! I originally had two butterflies there but I then decided I didn't like them (not good when it's permanent - this is why I shouldn't make impulsive decisions!), so now I have a huge flower covering them up, which thankfully I like!

  4. It's nice to come across a fellow newbie blog! Looking forward to seeing more of your 5 star reads :-) I can't figure out how to comment unless i do anonymous so I'm Laura at www.canido52.com :-)

    1. Hello new friend! Im glad you were able to comment somehow! <3 Bee

  5. Welcome to book blogging! We're all book hoarders here. :)



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