18 February 2015

Book Vs. Movie: Wild

How I thought this book would go: Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk....
How this book actually went: A deeply moving story of a woman's relationships with her mother, her husband, and siblings and the complexities that led her to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.
Yes, there is a great deal of walking - 1100 miles of it to be precise- but Cheryl Strayed beautifully outlines her emotional back story. The author’s prowess at description makes you feel like you are right there on the trail with her - and from her descriptions of losing toenails and encountering wild animals and sketchy strangers, you might want to turn back. In its essence Wild is a redemption story, almost spiritual in nature, of healing, accepting the past and moving on. This book was excellent and I highly recommend it.

Watch the trailer:

I was hoping the movie wouldn't stray far from the book, and I was pleased that it didn't. The movie is really just a condensed version of the book, leaving out chunks here and there to fit time constraints. The movie also left out entire characters like Cheryl's sister Karen. Leaving out these details didn't take much away from the story though. In my opinion, Reese Witherspoon made an excellent Cheryl. The movie was great for a visual representation of the trail. While reading, my imagination did not quite fathom how large of an expanse was covered on foot until I saw Reese Witherspoon standing in the middle of nowhere, mountains and trees on all sides. Due to the length of the film and lack of narrator, details were left out. One example that stuck out to me was when Cheryl had to kill her mother’s beloved horse. The book was painful in its description, (I swore out loud) but the movie glossed over it (I was both disappointed that details were left out and very very grateful for it). It was a good movie, but after reading the book it came across both lacking in detail and at times a bit slow paced.

Winner: Book
I think the book was the best format to tell this story.

What to read/watch next: 
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert


  1. Oooohhh, I like this feature! I also review film adaptations of books in my blog but it seems nifty to have them both in one post. Haven't read or watched WILD but you convinced me to do so!

  2. What a fun feature! So many movies are based on books, and I do want to read more of the books instead of JUST seeing the movie. I'm glad the book was good - you would almost think the movie would be LESS boring, but that's awesome the book was the better format for you.


  3. Huh, I've never heard of Wild before but the trailer has me pretty curious! But of course, I'd read the book before the movie haha.

    Love your feature!

  4. I really need to read this one and check out the movie! A family member wanted to see WILD with me, but I refused to because I need to read the book first because that's how I roll. Awesome reviews!
    -Jon from Bookish Antics

    1. I agree! Book first, never movie first! Thanks for the comment, Jon. :)



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